I Love My Wife and Family- I SWEAR!

The issue of COVID-19 is not only wreaking havoc on our way of life, but it sure as hell is trying my patience when it comes to my wife and family. Let me back up – I love my wife and family, I cherish, value, and appreciate them yet there are those times when I want to slap, punch, and yes strangle them. I am sure we all have this love/hate relationship with our spouse and loved ones- right? Fuck! I hope I am not the only one that feels this way………. well come to think of it -On the rare occasion, I catch my wife staring at me like she is pondering where to hide my body so in THOSE times I smile at her as to say – hey I understand!

Now that we have our mutual murderous intentions out of the way we continue on with our day – happily. The long silences are met with appreciation since being confined to our homes there isn’t much space to seek solitude. Not even the bathroom is off-limits! at least not in my house. I have 3 dogs, 6 cats, 3 chickens( don’t ask) and 4 adults under my roof- so there is ALWAYS someone or a pet within arms reach. As I sit on the toilet relieving my bladder I watch my crazy cat, DaVinci stretch his paw under the door to let me know he is NOT ok with us being on opposite sides of the bathroom door. I tell him just a minute as he can understand me- maybe he does, who the fuck knows what goes on in a cat’s brain, but I am too tired and stressed to ponder that. (I am just trying to remember if I wiped or not.) Instead, I take a few more minutes to myself because I know once I open that door- I return to the circus.

I love life……………… when I am allotted my personal space. There is always a catch isn’t there? But with COVID-19 out there we are ALL having to LEARN new social skills and how we engage with our loved ones. Yes, It is challenging but I have LEARNED to look at the positive rather than the negative inconveninces we are adjusting to.

Before this outbreak, life was so busy that I RARELY got to spend any time with my adult children let alone my wife. It was always one excuse after another as to why we couldn’t see each other more often. My children are now quarantined with me at my home. We have meals together, discuss future plans, and do projects together as a family. I am getting to know my children as adults. Knowing your child as an adult is a rewarding experience. My wife and I now have time to enjoy our morning coffee before the house awakes. We have time for SEX!! rather than squeezing in a quickie, we can enjoy our marital bliss.

So rather than keeping your attention on the burdens, the hardships, and inconveniences- embrace the positives that this virus has provided. My heart goes out to the families that are dealing with this whether they are sick, have loved ones battling sickness, healthcare workers, postmasters, delivery personnel or behind the scenes workers- WE APPRECIATE YOU. We are ALL affected and a NEW world is upon us- HOW WE handle it will determine the future.

I love my family, I would die for them! That is never a question – as I am sure all of you feel the same- So take in the comfort knowing that it is OK to be aggravated with them, smothered, and have you wanting to run for the hills- I get it! BUT in those times, remember the love you have for them and in this uncertain world- they will always be there for you.

Stay strong, Stay Healthy

Best wishes to you all!

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