Letter to My Readers…..

Hello everyone, I admire your bravery for entering into my world. What a brave, brave soul you are…..(insert chuckle). Ok- so with that…… let’s continue on with this letter 😉

Often times my thoughts are scattered, irrational, emotional, and sarcastic. I spend more time rationalizing them trying to convince myself that I am normal and everyone thinks like me; THEY just DON’T want to ADMIT it. Just like no one wants to admit they pick their nose. yes, you do- we ALL pick our nose. It’s human and being human is beautiful.

My ultimate dream is to be a screenwriter. I have all these stories pinging around in my brain but fear, MY fear is no one will want to read them or they may be too um, what’s the word??, weird, dark, or intense?? Nothing perverted or sick ………..ya know…. intense. Let me think of an example- shit my brain is on permanent blank mode. OH aha! Got one- For example- I always, always feel like I am being watched. By whom? good question….. I never feel alone and as unsettling as it is……… I know I am being watched without judgment of love or hate. It is not evil or good, but simply just there. See weird. Right?? I probably should write on this? what do you think? I sound paranoid, don’t I? Well, sometimes I am paranoid about BEING paranoid…. see brave soul….. brave brave soul………………… Well, my dear reader, I am going to plunge right in and just post whatever is in this brain of mine( does it come from the brain or the soul?) so many things to discuss………

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