Nothing To You; Something To Me

I can’t tell what my reality contains. One foot in reality, the other in my fantasy. Which is real? It is hard to say anymore. Everywhere I turn someone is offended by something so the best option is silence? Maybe this is the plan all along….. We are being conditioned ( by whom? ) to become an unsocial world. Put a covering over your face, stand at least 6 ft away, wash your hands, don’t touch, stay back, be careful of what you say, how you say it or better yet just don’t talk, or have an opinion………………….. We are so scared to do anything or speak we are paralized into slavery.

I won’t get all political on you- because it is not political to have human decency, to show respect, be kind, and compassionate. How is any of this political? None of it is BUT ALL of it is MADE political. I should not have anyone tell me that lives matter. Is this really an issue? Apparently so. It never crossed my mind to have only certain lives matter because my parents taught me that ALL LIVES MATTER. It never should be up for discussion, yet here we are- yelling that Black Lives Matter, or Gays Matter, Women matter, etc……- This blows my mind! Just as how everything is offensive to some. I know I am on a touchy subject- but why is it a touchy subject? We all talk about how this world is crazy, the world is full of hate, racisim, predjuce and we ALL fall into the trap of standing on our soapbox to be heard. Look at me- I am guilty of it- I am standing on my soapbox now. See trap! I will admit I am a slave into being pulled into taking a stand. Well that stops-NOW. If your not going to be part of the solution, then stop becoming the problem. You can’t bitch if your unwilling to make a change within yourself.

It seems the harder I try to be neutral the farther I fall in the trap. If I stand for nothing then I fall for anything. right? so here is my stance- ALL lives matter, abuse is NEVER an option, show empathy and compassion, be respectful and always show appreciation.


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