Deep Thinking


I hide from the news, social media, and as of late, my own damn phone.  Everytime I turn around there is someone or some group telling me what matters-       black lives, trans lives, police lives, save the whales, save the turtles, smile more, connect with the universe, don’t offend, speak up, be silent, and on and on it goes………………….. fuck!  IF they are so concerned about what I am doing or there a lack of then why don’t these groups or people just stop and ask- “How are YOU doing?” “How can I help YOU?”When was the last time someone genuinely asked you that question?  “How are you doing?”   Society has us running around like a monkey fucking a baseball bat trying to save everyone else claiming it will save our souls.  What?  When is anyone EVER concerned about someone’s soul?  Anyone claiming to save my soul is someone who needs validation for their own shit. Listen here- I am not here to clear anyone’s conscious.  What I am getting at is this-  TAKE CARE OF YOUR SHIT IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD!!I am NOT saying ignore world events or causes but if WE spend all our time taking care of everyone else you will never have time for yourself. And if you don’t have time for yourself then you become tired, haggard, emotionally drained, and mentally exhausted. This is the path to depression. It is ok to be selfish- wait!  WHY is that selfish?  Who the hell ever decided that taking care of yourself and making yourself happy considered selfish?  Oh I know it is those same fuckers who keep you running around in circles doing their biding- which technically makes you THEIR slave……………so……….. back to the point- I believe if I take care of myself, my family, my home, and my community then that spreads into the world.  It all starts with YOURSELF.  You can’t demand change then be unwilling to change. Be part of the solution NOT the problem. We ALL know family like this……………… ( I say family because it is nearly impossible to walk away from family).  The whole family political drama keeps 95% of us in toxic family situations.  The brainwashing starts at birth. They are the ones making you feel YOU should drop everything to do their bidding claiming we are family and that is what family does BUT what they fail to tell you is the point-blank truth-I would have more respect if the family would just say this:” I am too fucking lazy, and don’t give a shit but since YOU care and we feel you OWE it to the family that WE, the family are gonna dump this shit on YOUR shoulders to take care of it, BUT all the while take all the credit and gain the most benefit while you sit and suffer in silence. I am sure the conversation went like this “hey we are family and we should always be there for family, soooooooooooooo call if you ever need anything! However, I AM rather busy sooo please before you call me try to figure it out before you bother me with it. You’re so smart and strong YOU can handle it, ok? ok so yes, well I gotta go live MY life- GOODLUCK with all this shit I dumped on you BUT I have faith and KNOW you can handle it, love you …bbbbbyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee”

Anyone have family like this? 

I think we all do.  I am at a loss as to how to handle this.  It is even harder when you or your spouse feel obligated (for whatever reason ) to take on the situation.  This is a prison built by you. yes, YOU!!  they gave you the plans but it is YOU that does the construction of it.

Like I have always said- You have 2 choices in life- You can either BE A SLAVE to their FATE ………………………. OR BE A MASTER IN YOURS. Which one will YOU choose?

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