Small Moments – By Kai

Do you ever feel like you live a separate life from the people closest to you in your life?? I feel that way very often, it is very common! I have come to realize inconvenience or being uncomfortable is a huge factor for most people. I am a person that gets along with anyone and will do anything to make the people I love or am close to happy. There are moments I am in pain and just want to lay down and maybe sleep but the extra hour I spend staying awake with the one I love just to get an hour of her day goes unrecognized. When I wake up an hour before I leave for work she sleeps. It goes for anyone in your life, I stay up on an uncomfortable couch where I can’t put my feet up and it sits so low I struggle to get up just to watch a Hallmark movie that I could care less about just to spend time with my grandma because we are not promised tomorrow! I AM SAYING THIS SO THAT NO MATTER WHO YOU RELATE TO IN THIS I HOPE YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THAT EVERYONE ELSES NEEDS ARE DIFFERENT AND LOVE IS SHOWN IN DIFFERENT WAYS! I LOVE EVERYONE IN MY LIFE AND IT HAS TAKEN ME A VERY LONG TIME TO REALIZE THAT NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE IN YOUR LIFE SOME OF US HAVE MORE CONSIDERATION THEN OTHERS AND THAT IS OK! I LOVE YOU TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND HOPE SOMEONE GROWS FROM THIS POST!!

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