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Invasion of the Body Snatcher

In the begining there was my girlfriend, who then became my wife and is now becoming my husband. No one, and I mean NO ONE can fully prepare you for the transition journey let alone BEING the spouse of someone who is transitioning. I have the upmost respect and love for anyone going through their own transition. It is NOT easy. It is confusing, heartbreaking, frustrating, lonely, and awkward. I don’t know ANYONE who would…

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Toxic Friendships

How do we really know if our “friendships” are healthy?  Friends are there for you no matter what. They will walk the ends of the earth with you, take arms and fight beside you on any matter, they will back you whether you are wrong or right, they love you unconditionally, and will hurt anyone who hurts you, they will be there if your heartbroken, but they will surely be there to accept you when…

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Tis only the beginning

I have known Kai for 9 years, married for 3. If anyone would have told me I would marry a female I wouldn’t have believed you. Being brought up in a liberal household I was never restricted in my views and yes, raised to know that color, sex, or religion does NOT matter. We are ALL human and everyone should be treated with kindness and respect. It’s called MANNERS! Before I get on my soap…

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