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Whips, Chains, and Spankings, Oh my!

What am I child? I have yet to explore this world of spanking so maybe I should try it. However, the idea of my partner smacking my rear does not seem appealing. I sat down with my partner watching an old movie “Exit to Eden”. The movie is funny but it does strike a nerve. I began to question if I would enjoying spanking or just the whole world of S&M? Then of course we…

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Deep Thinking Love


For ten years I watched my children grow up through pictures. Little snippets over time. It was a world I wanted to be in. If anyone ever felt guilty for whatever sin created against me, I knew I could count on a picture of my children. Now as adults I watch them through social media. This is the only way I have a small clue of what is going on in their lives. Even the…

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Does He Know?

Does he know I love him. I always will, always have. I have scarred him, hurt him, betrayed him and yet I cannot give you an acceptable reason. What is in his heart? Does he curse me? Damn me? It is wasteful to wish I could go back in time. I must fix the damage and build a new foundation for us. He has given me nothing but happiness and I returned it with pain.…

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